Stand to be a Zion Director

Do you want to help Zion grow? Do you want to help us improve what we’re doing and bring further benefits to the community? If so, then apply to become a Zion Director. This is an exciting and challenging time to join the Board of Directors. Zion was founded as a social enterprise in 2011 and over the past eighteen months, it’s transformed rapidly by becoming a Community Benefit Society (CBS). It’s now owned by 345 community shareholders and is managed on their behalf by the Board of Directors.

The role of a director

· Provide advice and guidance: Using your professional or lived experience, you will help the Board make strategic decisions. You may also provide specific expertise e.g., employment law, premises management, HR, accounting, media or knowledge of the local community

· Uphold governance: Ensure that Zion Community Space is striving to meet its mission. As part of the Board, you will receive regular financial updates, evaluations and reviews

· Hold the staff team accountable: You will help the Board ask the right questions of the Centre Manager and staff team

· Be a champion for Zion: You will spread the word about Zion Community Space through your networks and communities, promote awareness and look out for partnerships or grant opportunities

Expertise we’re looking for

We are committed to ensuring that board membership includes the depth and breadth of professional skills and personal lived experience required to make sound decisions on the Society’s strategic direction and provide effective scrutiny of the delivery of our objects. We would particularly welcome applications from members (investors) who have proven skills or experience in property management, the hospitality industry, finance, HR and volunteer management.

Overall, however, it is more important that you are passionate about making Zion a success for the whole community and can commit to the time required.

The practicalities

We ask for a time commitment of around 8 hours per month. The Board will meet once a month for 1.5 hours each time in the first year, but this may reduce in subsequent years.

You’ll be given an induction to the role including support through induction meetings, training and mentoring.

To apply you must be over 18 years of age and be a member of Zion Community Benefit Society i.e., have invested through the Community Share Offer.

The process

Please read our Director’s Application Pack for full details. If you’re interested in applying, please complete and submit the application form by post or email by Thursday 31st August. You’ll also need to attend the AGM on Tuesday 12th September at 7pm. Please let us know if you’re unable to attend in person.

Board members will be elected through an online vote which will open on 13th September and run until 19th September. Members can vote for any candidate but may be presented with recommendations made by the Board. Election results will be announced on 20th September.

If you would like further information about the process or would like an informal discussion with one of the current Directors, please contact FAO Martin Grant

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